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your website and marketing materials work around the clock to build your brand and serve as invaluable tools for your success.

from word of mouth referrals visiting your website to your reviews and ratings, your online presence needs to be the perfect representation of you.

with responsive designs, SEO and direct call-to-action strategies, SJ DESIGN can help set your online brand apart from others.

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SJ DESIGN is a creative firm located in new london, connecticut
that is dedicated to providing tailored results to meet individual client needs.

i strive to create work with show-stopping power to effectively solve your
business issues with a strategic blend of design, creativity, analytics and real world experience.

inspired by design, art and technology, my passion is in helping others achieve success.
let me help you in crafting digital expressions that are limitless, timeless and bold.


web development
graphic design
email marketing
print & media design
yahoo/bing PPC
google PPC
display advertising
banner ads
youtube advertising
direct mail